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10 Jun 2024 | Mon 16:45
People's Majlis sitting
People's Majlis sitting
Banning Israeli passports
Bill on banning Israeli passports sent to 241 committee
The government earlier revealed that the law would be amended, to ban Israeli passports
The bill was accepted with the support of 88 lawmakers in a vote
All MPs who spoke at the sitting, spoke in favor of the bill

The bill on banning Israeli passports has been accepted by the People’s Majlis, and forwarded to the 241 Committee.

The bill was submitted by the former ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s MP for South Galolhu constituency Meekail Naseem, in a bid to amend the Immigration Act, to ban the entry of tourists with Israeli passports into the Maldives.

The bill was submitted to the People’s Majlis on 30 May 2024.

The preliminary debate on the bill was held during Monday’s parliament sitting, following which a vote was taken on whether or not to accept it for consideration.

The bill was passed unanimously with the votes of 88 lawmakers and sent to the Security Services Committee or the 241 Committee for review.

All the lawmakers who spoke during the debate on the bill, spoke in favor of accepting the bill.

MP Meekail stated that the bill carries the purpose of is to ensure that the Maldives also takes concrete measures against Israel at the international level.

The South Galolhu MP went on to express hope that the bill would become one which paves the path for all parties to come together and do good instead of throwing shade at one other.

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