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2021 Feb Thu 12:19
President Solih delivers third presidential address
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Thursday, delivered his third presidential address at the parliament's 2021 inaugural session. During his address, the president outlined government priorities for the ongoing year, highlighting key areas where progress was achieved throughout 2020.
Protecting human rights, upholding democratic values and taking measures to protect Maldives from climate change are other pillars of our foreign policy, said the president. Photo: People's Majlis
"History shows us that the best means to ensure our people's health and wellbeing is to heighten primary healthcare services in the island" - president. Photo: People's Majlis
Some invitees at the first inagural sitting of the People's Majlis; the invitation list was reduced due to the worsening of Covid-19 in the capital. Photo: People's Majlis
Reiterating intent to administer Covid-19 vaccines to all citizens and residents of Maldives free of charge, the president urged all to take the opportunity. Photo" People's Majlis
Solih described parliamentarians "the most significant help and benefactors" in the work of my Government and him in serving the people. Photo: People's Majlis
He stressed that the government's key priority was to "protect all Maldivians and residents" when Covid-19 reached community spread in the Maldives. Photo" People's Majlis
President Solih started the address noting that "the situation in our country has drastically changed since I addressed you a year ago. As fate would have it, the events that unfolded over the past year are very different from the ones we envisioned". Photo: People's Majlis
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih with Speaker and former President, Mohamed Nasheed, at the parliament chambers. Photo: People's Majlis
Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla awaits to welcome the president and first lady to the parliamentary building. Photo: People's Majlis
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed arrives at the parliamentary building. Photo: People's Majlis
Article 84 of the constitution states that “at the beginning of the first session of each year at the first sitting, the President shall address the People’s Majlis on the state of the country, and may present proposals for improving the state of the country to the People’s Majlis. Photo: People's Majlis