Sheikh Ilyas Hussain

Sheikh Ilyas reveals he is facing threats and attempts at blackmail

  • He was even told that USD 6,000 will be transferred to his account every month
  • He was blackmailed to circulate a CD that could damage his reputation
  • Ilyas is a staunch supporter of opposition coalition's Presidential candidate Solih

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 04 | Tue 20:03 2,119 local

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Religious scholar and prominent member of the Adhaalath Party (AP), Ilyas Hussain has revealed that someone has threatened that the fate of another murdered scholar, Dr. Afrasheem Ali, may befall him.

Ilyas revealed that he has been threatened and blackmailed while speaking at a campaign event held in Fuvahmulah city on Monday night.

The scholar said that an individual had blackmailed him by offering bribes to change political sides and that the blackmailer had threatened him by telling him to remember the fate of Dr. Afrasheem Ali, who was murdered on the 02nd of October 2012.

“The blackmailer first told me that he has evidence that I accepted bribes. I told the person to share it with the media without further delay and to even check my bank accounts as well. Then the blackmailer told me that they have a CD that shows offensive content that involves me and some women, I was also told that Nasheed has me under his spell. I asked the blackmailer why Nasheed is being brought into this, and to share the CD with the media” said Ilyas.

The religious scholar then went on to reveal that the blackmailer had told him that US Dollars 6,000 will be transferred to his account on a monthly basis. To this Ilyas had responded that he does require the money, but he wants it in legitimate ways.

“Regarding the CD they claimed they have, I asked them to make sure it goes viral not only in the Maldives, but all across the globe as well. I have confidence that they’re bluffing and there is no such CD” said Ilyas.

Ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) has called for his arrest for allegedly calling on authorities to re-open investigations into Dr. Afrasheem Ali’s brutal murder.

Ilyas in his speech in Fuvahmulah city said that he remains resilient and these threats are pressures he will not concede to.

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