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02 Jun 2024 | Sun 16:34
An expatriate died after being hit by a speedboat
An expatriate died after being hit by a speedboat
Death of an expatriate
Arrested boat captain remanded for 15 days
Deceased was a Bangladeshi man, Kaddam
Arrested was a Maldivian man
Further investigations are underway

The captain of the speedboat that ran over an expatriate fishing at sea, has been remanded.

The Criminal Court remanded the man by 15 days.

An expatriate died after being hit by a speedboat on Saturday morning.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) received reports of the incident at around 07:55am on Saturday.

Speaking to RaajjeMV, President of Feeali council, Moosa Ahmed revealed that the deceased expatriate was a part of the crew of a fishing boat registered in Feeali island of Faafu atoll, specializing in fishing for groupers. The boat is to have set off from Feeali and was fishing near Dhangethi island.

Moosa revealed that the Bangladeshi man was in the water, fishing for groupers, when he was run over by a boat.

The expatriate is to have attained serious injuries to his neck.

The body was taken to the Dhangethi Health Center. Deceased was a Bangladeshi man, Saddam.

MPS cited officials at the health center having revealed that he was dead even when he was brought in.

The captain of the boat, a Maldivian man, was arrested not long after.

Upon being presented to the court on Saturday, the captain was remanded for 15 days.

Further investigations are currently underway.

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