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26 May 2024 | Sun 20:27
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Changes to Sri Lankan tourist visa
Changes to Sri Lankan tourist visa, Maldivians will continue to get 30 days on-arrival visa
This was announced in a publication on Saturday
If the stay exceeds 30 days, visa can be extended for six months
Discussions are underway to arrange visas in a convenient manner for both countries

Maldivians will get 30 days on-arrival visas despite the recent changes to Sri Lanka’s tourist visa scheme.

This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday.

The government of Sri Lanka recently announced some changes to its tourist visa scheme.

In its statement, the foreign ministry clarified the recent changes following the announcement of a new e-visa system in Sri Lanka.

As such, the ministry noted that they have been engaged in discussions with Sri Lankan counterparts to ensure a smooth transition for Maldivian travelers.

The current procedure allows Maldivians to obtain a free 30-day tourist visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Maldivian will be allowed toapplyfor a free six-month extension visa online, if their stay exceeds 30 days.

The ministry revealed that this visa incurs an administrative fee.

Further, Maldivians already in Sri Lanka and require a visa extension may contact the Maldives High Commission in Colombo to clarify the details of the process.

The foreign ministry expressed commitment to establish a visa process that reflects the current visa agreement between the governments of Maldives and Sri Lanka and ensures reciprocity for Maldivian travelers.

In addition to this, discussions are underway with Sri Lankan authorities to address any remaining concerns.

The ministry added that Maldivians planning to visit Sri Lanka may contact them for further assistance.

Neighboring Sri Lanka is home to a large community of Maldivians.

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