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17 May 2024 | Fri 23:42
MACL employees at VIA
MACL employees at VIA
Drug smuggling attempt
Two arrested over drug smuggling attempt with involvement of airport staff
Airport employees had engaged in removing the luggage tag
The drugs were being smuggled by a Pakistani national
Arrested were a 37-year-old and the person who arrived to collect the luggage

Two individuals have been arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs into the Maldives, with the involvement of airport staff.

The case involves drugs suspected to have been smuggled into the country by a Mohamed Aagib, 29, a Pakistani national.

A 37-year-old Maldivian man was also arrested in connected with the case.

Both suspects were remanded for a 15-day period by the Criminal Court.

They are remanded in custodial prison.

The Pakistani man is to have smuggled the drugs into the Maldives, whereas the Maldivian man had arrived at the airport to collect the luggage, containing the narcotics.

The court order revealed that sufficient evidence has been submitted against the accused, in connection with the case.

The prosecution has noted that the luggage was brought in by the Pakistani national, with the assistance of another individual.

Further, it was revealed that airport employees were engaged in the removing of the luggage tag.

Statements of Maldives Police Service and Maldives Customs Service officers, reports of scene of crime officers and drug investigation reports were submitted to the court.

Aagib is accused of smuggling hefty amounts of narcotics into the Maldives.

Findings so far indicate that there was involvement of airport employees, in the drug smuggling attempt.

Police investigation also points out that there are several reasons to pin the allegation of planning and organizing the crime.

The prosecution also noted that the Pakistani man’s tourist visa has expired and that they have sought from the court to jail them pending sentencing.

However, the prosecution is yet to decide on the charge sheet in connection with the case.

The conditions under which the two have to be kept in custody comes under Articles 49 of the Constitution of Maldives, Section 59 and 60 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, as Aagib may escape and pose a threat to the peace of the society.

The Maldivian was remanded as he is deemed a danger to the safety and security of the society.

Further, the condition present to detain Aagib is cited as it is deemed to be satisfied as per the requirements of sections 13(b) (2) and (3) (3) (4) and (5) of the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to trial.

The reason cited for the detention of the Maldivian man is that it is deemed to be satisfied with the requirements mentioned in Section 13(c) (3)(4) and (5) of the Code of Criminal Procedure relating to trial.

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