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18 Jan 2024 | Thu 16:54
Covid-19 facility
Covid-19 facility
Covid-19 death toll
Maldives reports another Covid-19 fatality
This is the first Covid-19 death reported in months
There are several patients receiving treatment for Covd-19, even now
The patient was a man

Maldives has reported the first Covid-19 fatality in months.

The patient who passed away was receiving treatment at the Infectious Disease Management Center in Hulhumalé Covid-19 Facility.

RaajjeMV understands that several patients are already receiving treatment for coronavirus at the facility and seven of them are being treated in emergency.

It has been reported that a man who was undergoing treatment, passed away on Thursday.

Further details of the patient have not been disclosed by relevant authorities, yet.

This comes at a time the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that a new infectious variant of Covid-19 has been going around, with some countries observing a surge in the caseload.

According to WHO, some symptoms of the new variant include high fever, nasal infections, throat infections, migraines as well as abdominal issues.

By May 2023, the death toll of Covid-19 in the Maldives had risen to 315.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) recently urged caution from the public over the alarming increase in the wide-spreading common cold infections amid the worsening weather conditions as well.

The public health authority urged the public to be cautious, issuing some important precautionary measures the public may take to avoid complications from the wide-spreading common cold.

As such, the public is urged to seek immediate medical assistance and consult a doctor if they are having common cold symptoms such as persistent cough, fever and sneezing for an extensive period or if they are considered high-risk individuals.

The public is also urged to wear face masks properly if they have symptoms of the common cold, to practice social distancing in public places and to refrain from going to public and crowded locations overall, when exhibiting symptoms.

Further, the public is urged to frequently wash their hands with soap and water or use disinfectants to avoid spreading germs from one person to the other. Individuals who are considered high-risk have been urged to wear face masks when visiting crowded public places.

HPA has urged caution as common cold is also a respiratory disease that can quickly spread within close proximity.

Maldives has been experiencing a surge in common cold cases due to the adverse effects of the severe weather conditions. Hence, it is important to follow safety precautions. As places that provide healthcare services are usually filled with high-risk individuals, HPA has urged the people to wear face masks when visiting hospitals health centers and clinics for the safety of everyone. The public health authority has also urged the people to limit hospital visitations and not visit hospitals unless necessary.

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Reviewed by: Maryam Dhaanish Nasheed