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05 Jan 2024 | Fri 07:42
As part of an earlier drug operation conducted by the police
As part of an earlier drug operation conducted by the police
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Drug smuggling cases
Couple arrested for drug smuggling, both positive for drugs
They were remanded for 15 days
Their urine samples were analyzed
Others are believed to be involved

A couple has been arrested over allegations of drug smuggling across the Maldives.

Arrested in connection with drug trafficking allegations were a 27-year-old Maldivian man and a 20-year-old woman.

They are accused of smuggling drugs into the Maldives, peddling and trafficking narcotics.

The Criminal Court has remanded the two for a period of 15 days.

Their remand period will expire on January 18.

The court order states that sufficient evidence has been submitted to prove the accusations against the two.

The court order also revealed that a large quantity of drugs of various kinds were discovered inside a luggage box they brought in when they arrived in the Maldives via air.

The two suspects revealed that the luggage was not theirs and that they had brought it for someone else.

However, the court order notes that their possessions including clothes were found inside the luggage.

Based on the provisional results of urine samples of the suspects analyzed by authorities, they tested positive for COC, THC and Benzo.

The Criminal Court has also alleged that the case is observed to have the involvement of others.

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