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28 Jun 2023 | Wed 16:00
MP for Mathiveri constituency, Hassan Zareer
MP for Mathiveri constituency, Hassan Zareer
Attack on MP Zareer
Attack on MP Zareer: remand extended for one suspect
One suspect is accused of attempted murder
Three have been arrested so far in the probe
MP Zareer sought treatment for injuries, at ADK Hospital

The remand of one of the suspects arrested in connection with the murder attempt on MP for Mathiveri constituency, Hassan Zareer, has been extended.

The Criminal Court extended the remand period of one of the suspects, by 15 days.

MP Zareer was attacked inside Habibi Café and Bistro on May 1. He was not seriously injured in the assault, although he had to seek some medical treatment.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) earlier revealed that MP Zareer was attacked with a weapon believed to be dangerous.

Further investigations into the attempted murder, are currently underway.

So far, the police institution has arrested three individuals in connection with the case.

One of them, a 23-year-old was presented before the Criminal Court after his remand period expired, upon which he was given 15 additional days in remand custody.

Speaking at the remand hearing, the suspect’s lawyer stated that although the suspect had entered the scene of the crime, he was not involved in the attack in any way.

Highlighting that the suspect is currently in police custody as some items are being analyzed currently, the lawyer requested the conditional release of his client.

The legal representative of the suspect also noted that the items in police custody being examined do not belong to his client.

MP Zareer sought treatment for injuries attained in the assault, at ADK Hospital.

The court on June 22, extended the remand of one of the other suspects implicated in the case.

As such, remand of Ibrahim Abdulla, who was arrested under allegations of attacking MP Zareer, was extended by the Criminal Court for 14 days, after the initial remand period of 30 days issued on the suspect expired.

Abdulla is accused of being involved in a group attempting to assassinate someone using a dangerous and sharp weapon. The manhunt for the 32-year-old man was initially issued in mid-May this year. He was arrested not long after.

On June 27, another suspect was arrested and remanded in connection with the case; a 20-year-old.

The Criminal Court remanded the suspect for a period of 15 days, during a remand hearing held on Monday. His remand period expires on July 11.

According to the court order, the court has acquired enough evidence to prove the accusations against the suspect.

As such, CCTV footage had been submitted in connection with the allegations, which show that the suspect had arrived at the café where the attack took place on a motorcycle and entered with a group of other people.

The court order highlighted that the suspect was believed to have entered Habibi Café and Bistro and that it was clear from the statements of witnesses presented, that those who entered the café attacked MP Zareer with their hands and feet.

Going by the circumstances and the contents of the intelligence report, it appears that he was involved in the violence.

Further, the court order also clarified that the suspect was arrested in connection with a similar case, earlier and that he belongs to a criminal gang operating in the congested capital, Malé City.

Considering these reasons, the court decided to keep him in custody as he was considered a danger to the community.

Judge Ali Nadheem issued the Criminal Court order.

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