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29 Jan 2023 | Sun 16:43
Mohamed Aabid was charged with deliberate murder in connection with the murder in Khanji restaurant, in June 2022
Mohamed Aabid was charged with deliberate murder in connection with the murder in Khanji restaurant, in June 2022
Murder in Khanji restaurant
Khanji murder case: witness testimonies collected
Apart from five knives and belongings, the officer examined swabs for DNA testing
Mohamed Aabid was charged with deliberate murder in connection with the murder in Khanji restaurant, in June
Presiding over the case is Judge Ismail Shafeeu

The hearing in the trial in murder charges against Mohamed Aabid has been carried out at the Criminal Court.

The Pakistani national was charged with murdering a fellow worker at the same restaurant in Hulhumalé where he worked as a chef.

The murdered Bangladeshi man, Shameem was employed as a waiter at Khanji restaurant in the capital’s suburban extension. He died from injuries, while receiving treatment.

Sunday’s hearing saw the witness testimony collected from the officer who compiled the DNA analysis report in connection with the case.

According to the witness, he had analyzed swabs for DNA testing, alongside five knives and outfits.

The witness detailed how the analysis is carried out once the evidence is received.

The testimonies of two prosecution witnesses are yet to be collected in connection with the case.

They are the doctor who compiled the death summary and another individual.

The court has been experiencing some challenges in summoning them to court as both witnesses are abroad.

However, the presiding judge has decided to accept their witness reports in the trial.

The judge also decided not to proceed further with the testimonies from the two parties, with reasonable grounds.

State prosecutors also did not object to this decision.

The next hearing will be to discuss the evidence and to provide a summary statement.

The presiding judge revealed that the next hearing will be held in a month’s time.

The hearing will be followed by a verdict hearing.

Presiding over the case is Judge Ismail Shafeeu.

The state is charging Aabid with deliberate murder using a sharp weapon and accused the suspect of stabbing his victim in the face and chest.

Aabid faces a death penalty if the court finds him guilty of the charges pressed against him.

However, a sentence of 15 to 25 years will be imposed on the suspect if the murder charges are unproven, or if he is found guilty of abetting the murder or planning it.

In his preliminary statement, the suspect asserted that he had not attacked the Bangladeshi man with the intention to kill him and that although he had attacked the man, he had not intentionally inflicted injuries on him.

Aabid’s lawyer revealed that his client had simply acted in self-defense.

The state had presented 18 pieces of evidence in connection with the murder case, including 11 witnesses linking the suspect and victim to their nationalities.

Aabid was charged in June 2022, following the murder at Khanji restaurant in Hulhumalé in April 2022.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) forwarded the charges of deliberate murder with a sharp weapon, to the Criminal Court on 15 June 2022.

The charges come under the act on the prohibition of threatening and being in possession of sharp weapons and objects.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) revealed that they received information of the assault with a sharp weapon inside a restaurant in Hulhumalé, on the evening of 16 April 2022.

A team of police officers was dispatched to the area shortly after the report was received.

The injured Bangladeshi man was rushed to the hospital immediately. However, doctors had pronounced the man dead a short while after he was taken in for treatment.

The suspected killer was arrested a day later, from the beach area in Hulhumalé Phase II.

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