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Lastest updates on ;Hiyaa' housing
‘Hiyaa’ recipients not required to settle down payment: Aslam
The highest monthly rent for each unit would be MVR 7,500, if the recipient chooses the option to not pay a down payment
Those who settle down payments will be required to pay less for monthly rent
HDC will enter agreements with flat recipients after the draw
Zunana Zalif
K. Male' |
08 Apr 2021 | Thu 15:34
Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure providing the latest updates on the 'Hiyaa' housing scheme
Presidents Office

The recipients of flats under the government’s ‘Hiyaa’ social housing scheme have the option to occupy their spaces without settling down payment, the Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, Mohamed Aslam has revealed.

The reveal was made during a virtual press conference hosted by the President’s Office on Wednesday.

As such, Minister Aslam noted that the process of issuing flats developed under the public housing scheme to their respectful owners begins on Thursday.

The government will be hosting draws to determine specific housing units to allocate to the recipients on Thursday, after which the ministry will enter agreements with the flat recipients in collaboration with the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The housing units will be handed over once the process is complete.

The minister added that those who choose not to pay a down payment will face monthly rents as high as MVR 7,500, which will be subsidized by the government with an aim to ease financial burdens on families earning less income.

During the presser the minister also provided details regarding options recipients may choose in some categories, allowing them to opt for housing under more financially appropriate schemes carried out by the government. Said option allows for families earning less income with a greater need for low-cost housing to take up specific units.

The government is currently preparing to mobilize housing programmes planned to cater the residents of the populous capital, Malé City. Applications for the Malé housing programme will be opened during May.

The press, which was also attended by Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Mabrook Azeez, saw details on preparations and initiatives of the government as state agencies to address public concerns in light of the approaching fasting month of Ramadan 1442.

As such, Mabrook shed light on government efforts to ensure affordability and continued supply of staple food items and other essentials during the fasting month. The government has affirmed that there will be no difficulties in acquiring staple food items and essentials during Ramadan despite being in the face of a global pandemic.

Further, Mabrook detailed that authorities are implementing measures to ensure that electricity is generated across the country uninterruptedly.

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