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14 May 2024 | Tue 20:55
A worker at a café
A worker at a café
Food security bill
People's Majlis passes food security bill
The bill was passed with the votes of 47 MPs
The bill explains criteria to be followed for the production and sale of food
A solution will be provided for the sale of fake products in the market

The People’s Majlis has passed the food security bill, which sheds light on important issues linked to food security.

The bill was proposed to parliament by MP for Manadhoo constituency Ahmed Haroon, during the previous administration of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

It was submitted to the parliament floor back in August 2021.

The first reading of the bill was held during a sitting held on 25 August 2021.

The bill, which was pending for years, was passed unanimously with the votes of 47 parliamentarians in attendance at the last sitting of the 19th tenure of Parliament, held on Monday.

The purpose of introducing the bill is to clarify the safety standards for food produced and consumed in the Maldives, imported and exported to the Maldives, and to establish a legal framework for the rules and standards to be followed to ensure that food is produced, stored, prepared and sold in places that are considered hygienic and safe.

19 rules are to be framed and publicized in the government gazette within three months of the bill getting passed.

Food is produces in different parts of the country, with councils empowered to make people aware of food security and it has been made mandatory for councils to take all necessary measures to ensure food safety and security.

The bill also notes safety procedures during the process of food production, the standards that must be followed in the production and sale of food, and the requirements of the food manufacturer.

According to the bill, a National Health Laboratory will be established to oversee efforts to test food imported or exported to the Maldives and manufactured in the country, and to monitor and conduct health checks and tests on the health safety of food manufacturing establishments, or closed places, or warehouses, sale establishments and food supply establishments.

Further, the bill also states that if a laboratory in the country is unable to conduct the required tests, it should pave the path to conduct the tests abroad.

MPs noted that the bill was important for the current situation and that once the bill become law and is implemented, it will solve the sale of existing “fake” products in the market.

Parliamentarians also noted that it would enable local businesses to ensure their products are of good quality.

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