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22 Apr 2024 | Mon 15:18
Operation Blue Tide
Operation Blue Tide
Maldives Police Service
Parliamentary elections 2024
Three arrested as part of Operation Blue Tide, released
One was arrested for showing his vote paper
Police also acknowledged the support they received from the public
Sunday's elections were peaceful overall

The three individuals who were taken into police custody in the security operation launched in connection with Sunday's parliamentary elections, have been released

This was revealed by the Maldives Police Service (MPS) a little past 10pm on Sunday.

Sunday’s polls proceeded from 8am to 5:30pm and a total of three arrests were made during the polling process.

The police institution revealed that one was arrested for allegedly showing their vote paper, at a polling station in Malé City earlier in the day.

The remaining two were arrested for allegedly obstructing the voting process and attempting to churn chaos at a polling station in Fiyoaree island of Gaaf Dhaal atoll.

MPS on Thursday launched the operation titled "Operation Blue Tide", to ensure the safety measures in place for the parliamentary polls.

Police teams were active across the Greater Malé Region as well as outlying atolls, as part of the operation. The operational status of the police institution was raised to the highest level; level three.

MPS noted that the entire election process was conducted peacefully overall.

Police also acknowledged the support they received from the public in ensuring the smooth conduct of Sunday’s elections.

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