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26 Apr 2024 | Fri 15:46
EC officials during the Parliamentary Elections 2024
EC officials during the Parliamentary Elections 2024
Elections Commission
Parliamentary Elections 2024
EC announces final results of parliamentary elections 2024
The main ruling PNC secured 66 seats
The 20th tenure of the People's Majlis will have 93 seats
368 candidates vied for seats

The Elections Commission of Maldives (EC) has publicized the official results of the parliamentary elections held on April 21.

The commission announced the final results of the People’s Majlis polls on April 23. Since then, they have publicized the results in the government gazette as well as EC’s social media handles.

A total of 368 candidates vied for seats in Sunday’s elections.

Main ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) secured 66 out of the 93 seats in the 20th tenure of parliament.

Five PNC-endorsed independent candidates also won seats, alongside three parties working with the incumbent administration.

Former ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) secured 12 seats, with 11 independent candidates also having secured seats.

Candidates representing Adhaalath Party and former President and former Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed’s ‘The Democrats’ failed to secure a single seat.

Out of the 11 independent candidates that secured seats during the elections, seven have signed onto the ruling party.

This means that PNC will have a supermajority of 73 parliamentarians representing the party in the 20th parliament tenure.

Further, one parliamentarian representing Jumhooree Party, two representing MDA and one representing MNP also support the incumbent administration, which brings the total of lawmakers supporting the incumbent administration, to 77.

Speaking to RaajjeMV on the proceedings of the election process, EC’s member Hassan Zakariyya revealed that the elections proceeded smoothly and peacefully.

Stating that there were no issues that could bring a change to the results, Zakariyya added that there was also no situation where the voting process needed to be halted.

75 percent of eligible voters exercised their right to vote during Sunday’s elections.

284,663 individuals were eligible to vote in the elections, out of which 215,860 came out to vote on April 21.

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