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05 Apr 2024 | Fri 17:21
A person casting his vote in a previous election
A person casting his vote in a previous election
Parliamentary polls 2024
Parliamentary polls: budget to be sent to Finance Ministry next week
EC is currently working on the details of the changes to be made to the budget
The polls will be held on April 21
The Majlis elections were initially slated for 17 March 2024

The Elections Commission of Maldives (EC) is to send the budget required for the fast-approaching parliamentary elections, to the Ministry of Finance for approval in the coming week.

Speaking on RaajjeTV’s ‘Fala Surukhee’ programme, Secretary General of EC Hassan Zakariyya who was recently approved to be appointed as an EC member by the People’s Majlis, went into detail on the efforts being carried out to set a budget.

He revealed that the commission is currently in the final process of finalizing the details of changes required to be brought to the budget, before sending for approval.

Noting that they are looking into the details of the budget required for the elections before submitting it for review, Zakariyya revealed that they first attempted to submit an estimated budget.

However, he stated that they are now attempting to send an amount that is certain as per estimations, for approval.

Zakariyya stated that a major chunk of the budget was increased for allocation to contract employees to continue working for another month and a half, which has led to an increase in the budget.

He also pointed out that there would be extra wages, as EC employees are working during the ongoing fasting month of Ramadan as well.

Further, expenses are expected to grow as they would be carrying out additional efforts to train officials.

The parliamentary polls are slated for 21 April 2024. The elections were initially to be held on March 17, the seventh day of the ongoing fasting month.

The polls were delayed after President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu ratified the fifth amendment to the General Elections Act, which was sponsored by former ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) banning national elections during Ramadan.

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