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23 May 2023 | Tue 16:27
Kulhudhuffushi City
Kulhudhuffushi City
Man found dead
Man found dead inside bathroom in Kulhudhuffushi City
Police received the report at around 10:30am
A 48-year-old Maldivian was found dead
Further investigations are underway into his death

A man has been found dead inside the bathroom of a house in Kulhudhuffushi City.

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) revealed that they received reports of the man being rushed to the hospital at around 10:30am on Tuesday. The man's family came to alert after he spent a long time in the bathroom without responding, and brought him out and took him to hospital.

The police institution cited doctors at the Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital having noted that the man was already deceased when he was taken in .

MPS revealed that the man who was found lying dead on the bathroom floor of the Kulhudhuffushi residence, was a 48-year-old Maldivian.

Further investigations are underway into his death.

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