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07 Sep 2021 | Tue 00:10
Samples collected for Covid-19 testing
Samples collected for Covid-19 testing
Covid-19 community transmission
Maldives Covid-19 case tally crosses 82,000-mark
Maldives active Covid-19 cases are at 2,064
112 recoveries reported on Wednesday has pushed the total recoveries to 79,795
Since Maldives confirmed its first few coronavirus cases on 7 March 2020, 82,099 cases have been confirmed so far

Maldives Covid case tally has reached 82,099 with 120 new infections confirmed by sundown on Monday.

The new cases were confirmed through the 5,228 samples collected between 6pm Sunday and 6pm Monday according to the latest figures publicized by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Of the over 100 daily cases reported for the 15th consecutive day, a majority: 70, were from residential islands, 30 from the Covid-19 epicenter of the Maldives, Greater Malé Region and 20 from operational resorts.

Further, HPA also reported an additional 112 recoveries from coronavirus with which the total number of recoveries observed nationwide so far has risen to 79,795.

With these developments, the country's active coronavirus count has been pushed to 2,064 from the previous day's 2,057.

Hospital admissions have dropped to 20 with three patients having been released from hospitals over the past 24 hours

Maldives reported it's first Covid-19 fatality in April 2020. Since then, the death toll has been pushed to 227. The latest fatality was reported on Monday, when a 90-year-old Maldivian man succumbed to complications of the virus while being treated at the Hulhumalé Medical Facility (HMF).

Daily case numbers being reported nationwide have been rising over the past few days. Over 1,000 new cases were confirmed over the past week alone.

The geographical advantage of being comprised of a scatter of islands initially enabled Maldives to keep tabs on the spread of coronavirus when the first few cases surfaced. Things spiraled out of control after a community transmission was detected in the congested capital on 15 April 2020 to which authorities responded by imposing an immediate lockdown.

Months later, authorities began easing the lockdown in phases, with cases going on a downward spiral. Things seemed to be in control until the new year rolled around and cases began spiraling once more. Since April 2020, authorities have been repeating a cycle of curfews, lockdowns, partial lockdowns and other restrictive measures in their successful efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Maldives was faced by a fourth and more infectious coronavirus wave in early May, with cases rising to alarming levels at 1,000. With the implementation of stricter measures, cases began declining once again, and authorities introduced further eases to restrictions in early July for the extensive government holidays.

Eases have been doubling with those that have completed both doses of Covid-19 vaccine allowed to travel domestically without the need to quarantine, with a negative PCR test result. HPA on Wednesday publicized a list of islands where the criteria for Covid-19 vaccination coverage conditions have been met.

The country has been in a state of public health emergency for over a year, since 12 March 2020. It was extended an 18th time on Wednesday, to expire on October 1.

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