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30 May 2021 | Sun 16:36
Former Minister of Housing and Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu
Former Minister of Housing and Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu
Presidents Office
Muizzu on City Council audit
Mayor Dr. Muizzu pushes management audit for Male' City Council
Asserted that the council would be undertaking a number of efforts to resolve issues faced by Male' City residents
Remarked that an open call for qualified auditors would be gazetted soon
Stated that it was important to understand the present state of the council in order to shape its future efforts

Male' City Council Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has revealed that he will be seeking a management audit for the council in order to better learn how its functions can be shaped/

Mayor Dr. Muizzu stated that effective work on behalf of Male' City Council could only begin after the newly-elected members were appraised of the council's present state. Mayor Dr. Muizzu added this was needed to shape the future efforts of Male' City Council, and revealed that he will be seeking a management audit for Male' City Council.

While Mayor Dr. Muizzu is pushing for a mnagement audit of Male' City Council, several efforts are already underway to resolve glaring flaws that hinder the daily life of Male' City residents.

As such, Mayor Dr. Muizzu had visited the local, travelers and fish market areas in Male' City, and pledged assistance to those citizens who had come forward to share their concerns with him.

To have the market zone in Male' City modernized under the "Saafumagu" initiative had been included in Mayor Dr. Muizzu's strategic action plan for Male' City. In addition to this, the plan also includes having streets of Male' City named clearly so that road closures can be conducted with consent from residents so as to not cause major disruptions. Further, the Strategic Action Plan also involves a campaign titled "Plastic aa Dhuruvamaa" to transform Male' City into a less plastic-polluted space, in addition to a housing scheme being initiated in Villimale' for those families that need it most on the island.

Mayor Dr. Muizzu has highlighted that a number of efforts will be made under his leadership to make Male' City a safe and peaceful place, so that residents would be able to lead content lives. Mayor Dr. Muizzu had recently met with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to discuss ways through which to resolve the challenges faced by residents of Male' City.

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