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Mr.Maldives a champions showcase: BBAM
This year's Mr. Maldives a prime showcase for champions: BBAM VP Aiman
Many new contenders set to take the Mr. Maldives stage on 26 March 2021
Categories of achievement other than bodybuilding set to be recognized
Final deadline for applications is 20 March
Aishath Hanaan Hussain Rasheed
K. Male' |
04 Mar 2021 | Thu 15:21
Vice President of the Bodybuilding Association of Maldives (BBAM) Ahmed Aiman in an interview during Raajje TV's Mr. Maldives Pre-show
Hussain Fariyaaz

Vice President of the Bodybuilding Association of Maldives (BBAM) Ahmed Aiman has called former competitors and champions to take part in this year's Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship, or Mr. Maldives, the most prestigious such competition to be hosted in the Maldives.

BBAM's Vice President Aiman made the remarks in an interview for Raajje TV's special Mr. Maldives Pre-show, nothing that this year's competition would see many new and young contenders take the Mr. Maldives stage by storm. As such, he noted that participation by former champions and competitors would be a huge support for the latest edition in the series.

Aiman noted that the Mr. Maldives trophy was a difficult and challenging achievement to claim for a bodybuilder, and that newcomers being able to compete with those who had already been successful in their endeavors would be a progressive step forward for the competition as well. He also remarked that this would be a golden opportunity for Mr. Maldives alumni to get together and display their present capabilities and strength for new entrees to the competition.

The Bodybuilding Association of Maldives stressed that despite difficulties present due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many bodybuilders, both fresh and veteran, were ready to compete in this year's edition for the Mr. Maldives competition.

While the competition is scheduled to begin on 26 March, the final deadline for applications has been set at 20 March 2021.

The BBAM notes that this year's Mr. Maldives will see champions recognized in the Physique and Athletics Physique categories, in addition to the Bodybuilding category, and added that there was a chance other categories could be introduced as well.

BBAM has previously signed an agreement with RaajjeTV, handing over excusive rights to Mr. Maldives to the channel for three years. As such, Raajje TV is now conducting pre-shows and promotional events for the competition, and will be working with Mr. Maldives athletes to further expand this years challenge into the biggest one yet.

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