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Covid-19 spread in Baarah
Covid-19 case count in Baarah totals 13, about 80 contacts await test results
The first cases of Covid-19 on the island were confirmed from nine who went into quarantine after traveling
Atleast 80 contacts of the most recent cases, have been identified
Several measures have been enforced in the island to control the spread of the virus
Zunana Zalif
K. Male' |
04 Mar 2021 | Thu 15:22
Several measures have been enforced in Baarah to control the spread of the virus

Covid-19 infections in Baarah of Haa Alif island has totaled 13.

The island council’s vice president, Ali Shameem revealed that Covid-19 community transmission on the island was confirmed after nine individuals who went into home quarantine tested positive for the infection.

The Covid-19 case count in the island was pushed to 13 with four additional cases, reported from direct contacts of the first few cases confirmed on the island.

Shameem revealed that the four new patients were residing in the same residence as the Covid-19 patients, but on different floors of the same residence, where the virus spread.

About 80 more individuals have been identified as contacts of the four new Covid-19 cases and healthcare officials have since collected their samples for testing.

The contacts are reportedly awaiting their Covid-19 test results.

Monitoring mechanisms were enforced on the island following the discovery of the Covid-19 community spread and several additional measures have since been implemented to curb the spread of the virus.

Some of these measures include closing shops, restaurants, cafés and tea shops at a specific time, instructing residents to seek permits from the island council before visiting shops as well as maintaining hygiene at mosques.

Shameem added that the council is keeping a close eye on the community’s adherence to these measures and noted that they have been receiving cooperation and support from the island community thus far.

The island council further revealed that they are not facing any difficulties in acquiring food staples or other essentials currently, going on to state that another shipment of staple food items is expected to arrive within the upcoming days.

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