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Motion seeking dismissal of ACC members fails in Majlis committee

  • The motion was submitted by MP for Inguraidhoo constituency, Hassan Mohamed last Tuesday
  • Two committee members voted in favor of their dismissal
  • All ACC members are to be summoned individually

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ACC members at the parliamentary committee - RaajjeMV

The motion seeking to dismiss five members of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has failed in the People’s Majlis committee on independent institutions.

The motion did not get committee approval at the poll stage, where only two members voted in favor. The committee passed to summon ACC members to the committee individually to inquire about the challenges they face in their work.

Six members present at the meeting passed to summon ACC members, which was proposed by the MP for south-Henveiru constituency Hussain Shaheem.

The motion seeking to dismiss ACC members was submitted by MP for Inguraidhoo constituency, Hassan Mohamed during a committee meeting held on October 20. The motion was backed by MP for south-Galolhu constituency, Meekail Naseem, who stated that he does not believe ACC should be the only institution responsible for negligence.

MP Hassan revealed that the motion was provoked by negligence observed on the ACC's end on multiple occasions. As such, the parliamentarian stressed that since their appointment, the members have failed to run adequate investigations into the numerous cases of corruption and theft that have taken place.

A lawmaker has filed such a motion at the time the corruption watchdog has been accused of negligence and poor investigative work. During a previous meeting of the committee on independent institutions, Mariyam Shiuna, President of ACC refuted these claims, saying that cases sent for prosecution were not returned due to poor investigative work.

Complaints of ACC’s negligence began surfacing after the PGO sent back cases seeking charges against two former finance ministers and a deputy tourism minister, part of convicted former president Yameen's government, saying the investigations were incomplete.

One other such case returned due to incomplete investigations is the ventilator issue regarding the government’s Covid-19 expenditure, where charges where sought against 11 officials at the Health Ministry. The case was declined and PGO had decided against pressing charges, which ACC has sought to review.

According to the parliament guidelines, committees are required to notify the Majlis Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed should they see fit to dismiss officials. Dismissals will only be passed through a Majlis vote after the committee report is compiled on the matter.

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