Public health inspection

258 establishments closed for violating Covid-19 safety guidelines

  • Two mass public health inspections conducted since July
  • A total of 1,545 businesses were inspected in the second one
  • A special sticker was issued to establishments complying with HPA’s guidelines

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Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s Director, Ahmed Naseer - Health Ministry

Action has been taken against over 250 business establishments, for violating Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) on Monday announced that a total of 258 establishments were closed for violating guidelines, following the second mass public health inspection.

While the first inspection was conducted on July 12, a total of 190 businesses were checked and some were given instructions to strengthen safety measures. A second inspection was conducted from July 29 to August 8.

At Monday night’s Covid-19 press briefing, Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s Director Ahmed Naseer revealed details of their latest health inspection.

As such, he noted that the inspection was carried out together with the Malé City Council and the Maldives Police Service.

Noting that nine teams were formed for the inspection across the greater Malé region, Naseer said that a total of 1,545 businesses were checked; 204 of the 1,179 establishments inspected in the Malé area were shutdown as well as 48 out of the 296 businesses checked in its suburban Hulhumalé district. Three out of the 51 establishments inspected in Villimalé were also closed temporarily, as well as three in Thilafushi. There were no actions taken against any of the business establishments at Hulhulé.

The 1,545 businesses include 486 cafés/restaurants, 908 shops, 112 salons, 21 gyms and 18 markets.

A special sticker was issued to establishments complying with HPA’s safety guidelines.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure adherence to Covid-19 safety guidelines of cafés, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, salons and markets. All these places were opened for services during the third phase of lockdown easing, which began on July 1.

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