Dhihdhoo Arrests

Two opposition activists arrested in Dhihdhoo

  • Abdulla Waheed Ali "Smith" Hashim were arrested on Monday night
  • They were arrested under a court
  • Last week, 18 opposition supporters were arrested in Kolamaafushi, under similar circumstances

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2018 Sep 04 | Tue 12:26 1,729 local

Former Dhihdhoo island councilor Abdulla Waheed with Joint Opposition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih - Twitter

A former Maldivian Democratic Party councilor was arrested on Monday night, along with a party activist.

Former councilor at Dhihdhoo island of Haa Alifu atoll, Abdull Waheed and Ali 'Smith' Hashim were arrested from Dhihdhoo island, under a court order. Arresting officers had barged into the MDP office in the island as well.

Dhihdhoo council's vice president Mohamed Naeem told RaajjeMV that the arrests are most likely related to a dispute with ruling party senior officials on Sunday.

According to Naeem, MDP members were unloading some equipment from a pickup near the party campaign site, when ruling party members approached them and ordered them to remove the vehicle 'immediately'. Before they were able to do so, the PPM members are to have gone inside the MDP office with loudspeakers, and proceeded to play their campaign songs.

Naeem alleged that some of the PPM members there included state utility company Fenaka's regional manager Abdulla Shujau and a manager at the island's hospital.

They only left after the matter was reported to the police, added Naeem.

Furthermore, he said that senior PPM officials continue to threaten opposition members saying that they will be arrested.

RaajjeMV was unable to obtain a comment from the police at the time of publishing.

While two opposition activists have been arrested from Dhihdhoo, Joint Opposition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is to visit the island this week.

Last week, 18 opposition activists were arrested from Kolamaafushi island of Gaafu Alifu over similar allegations, days before Solih's arrival there. Police had later held a conference, asking him from visiting the island due to 'security concerns'.

However, Solih did travel to Kolaamafushi where he was given a warm welcome.

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