West Harbor Food Courts

President Yameen officially inaugurated harbor food courts, two months after it began services

  • The harbor development was contracted to STO in January 2016
  • It has been open for service since May
  • The construction of the area was to be completed within six months, but it's completion took one and a half years

K. Male' 2018 Jul 23 | Mon 23:31 local 2,036

President Abdulla Yameen attends the official inauguration of Harbor Food Court - Presidents Office

President Abdulla Yameen has officially inaugurated the harbor food courts as “Raaveribey Kohthu Veni” after months since its services began.

The food courts in the south-west harbor of capital city Male’ were closed off in order to bring modern developments to them and was initially opened a few months back, however, President Yameen officially inaugurated the food courts at a special ceremony held on Monday night.

With the official opening of the food courts, President Yameen named them after the square named “Raaveribey Maizaan” adjacent to it.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that the area had been neglected in the previous years and that the development of the area is a clear indication of President Yameen’s development strategy for the citizens.

“Not only concrete development, he is also planning to bring 'green' development to the citizens,” said Minister Muizzu.

While the food courts were officially opened on Monday, its services began in May and there are now 26 established cafés in the area.

The government contracted State Trading Organization (STO) with the development of the harbor area in January 2016. Back then, the government vowed to develop the area and open it to the public within the span of six months. Despite the state’s vow, the development of the area finished approximately one and a half years after the deadline.

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