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12 Jun 2024 | Wed 19:39
Fishermen began protesting against the government's failure to deliver on promises made to them, on Wednesday
Fishermen began protesting against the government's failure to deliver on promises made to them, on Wednesday
Fishermen's protest against gov't
Protests to continue until gov’t green lights fishermen’s demands
Fishermen began protesting against the government's failure to deliver on promises made to them, on Wednesday
The fishermen do not wish to give up
The fishermen will continue protesting until they receive a response

The fishermen from Bodu Kanneli Masveringe Union (BKMU) are to continue protesting at Jetty Number 1 until their demands are green lighted by the government.

Fishermen from several regions nationwide began protesting against the government’s failure to deliver on its promises made to the fishers’ community of Maldives on Wednesday afternoon.

The protests commenced in the Kanneli Jetty Area of capital Malé City’s suburban extension Hulhumalé as well as Huvadhu Atoll, one of the largest fishing atolls in the island nation.

BKMU, a trade union of yellowfin tuna fishermen, has been voicing concerns regarding the prices of fishermen’s catch, as well as the government’s failure to deliver on the pledges made to them before coming into power.

Fishermen have also been protesting to ensure a fair price tag for their catch, as well as to immediately halt the licensing of longline fishing.

Several fishing boats that catch yellowfin tuna, joined the protest at sea in the Greater Malé Region.

The fishermen set off from the Hulhumalé Kanneli Jetty Area to capital Malé City’s Nasandhura region to demand for the government to not proceed with plans to allow commercial longline fishing.

A fisherman at the protest revealed that fishermen are suffering, and that some are in a pit of debt with the bank, with no way of repaying the debt. According to the protesters, some families of fishermen were running out of options to keep up with their daily responsibilities and that they were miserably broke. Other concerns raised by the fishermen include families owning two to three boats being unable to set off for fishing due to the challenges.

Having painted a mesmerizing picture for the community, Muizzu came into power with huge promises made to fishermen. Some of the many promises he made to yellowfin tuna fishermen include paying MVR 80 – 100 per kilogram for their catch.

Muizzu also promised that the government would make it possible for fishermen to get fuel at affordable rates, going on to promise that they would begin purchasing yellowfin tuna for MIFCO as well.

However, fishermen have been stressing that the government is yet to fulfil any of these promises, and bring life to the picture painted before coming into power. Fishermen stressed that they haven’t been paid for their catch for two months.

They have also noted that the government has failed to fulfil any of the promises made to general fishermen as well.

Muizzu had back then assured that if he is elected, fishermen would be paid in US dollars for their catch within the first 48 hours.

Seven months since assuming office, the incumbent administration has failed embarrassingly in delivering promises made to the community, with fishermen saying that they do not know what happened to all the big talk.

Fishermen have also confirmed that they have also not been paid their due, by MIFCO.

BKMU said that the protest will continue at Jetty Number 1 until the government gives a green signal to the demands being made by them.

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