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28 May 2024 | Tue 01:01
Haa Dhaal atoll
Haa Dhaal atoll
Tremors recorded
Northern atoll experiences tremors
No danger is expected to Maldives
The tremors were recorded from an island in Haa Dhaal atoll
Reports were received late Monday

A tremor was reported in an island in the north of Maldives.

At around 10pm on Monday, the Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS) revealed that they received reports of ground shaking in an island of Haa Dhaal atoll.

MMS revealed that Seismogram data from Hanimaadhoo island of Haa Dhaal atoll had recorded a “localized” tremor.

The tremor was recorded at approximately 08:27pm.

The department has noted that they are analyzing this.

Further, the office has confirmed that they do not expect any danger to the Maldives, as of now.

Some media outlets have reported that the region experienced an earthquake.

Speaking to RaajjeMV, an official at MMS confirmed that the tremor was not believed to have been an earthquake.

The official confirmed that the reports stating that there has been an earthquake are false.

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1 month ago
That’s utterly incorrect. It was a tremor and not the first, nor a unusual happening given the fact that the nation is a massive caldera.