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27 May 2024 | Mon 20:23
MP Ibrahim Nazil
MP Ibrahim Nazil
MDP's PG election
Nazil elected MDP’s PG leader
Thoddoo MP Hussain Sameer was elected as the Chief Whip
MP for North Galolhu constituency was elected as secretary general
MP for Vaikaradhoo constituency Hussain Ziyad and MP for Maradhoo constituency Ahmed Didi were elected as Deputy PG leaders

MP for South Hithadhoo constituency Ibrahim Nazil has been elected as the new Parliamentary Group leader of main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

MDP opened applications for their positions in their parliamentary group on May 21.

Opened for applications were for the posts of PG leader, two deputy PG leaders, secretary general, deputy secretary general, chief whip and two whips.

The party on Monday confirmed that they have appointed members to parliamentary group positions.

Elected were:

  • South Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Nazil as the PG leader
  • Vaikaradhoo MP Hussain Ziyad as Deputy PG leader
  • Maradhoo MP Ahmed Didi as Deputy PG leader
  • North Galolhu MP Mohamed Ibrahim as Secretary General
  • Maavah MP Ahmed Shakir as Deputy Secretary General
  • Thoddoo MP Hussain Sameer as Chief Whip
  • Kanditheemu MP Ameen Faisal as a Whip
  • Keyodhoo MP Mohamed Niushad as a Whip.
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