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15 May 2024 | Wed 07:56
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)
Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH)
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Cases of influenza
Cases of common cold, diarrhea, influenza drop
Precautionary measures have been detailed
5,428 cases of diarrhea were reported in March
33,637 cases of common cold were reported in March

There has been a steady decline in the cases of common cold, diarrhea and influenza being reported across the Maldives.

This was revealed by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Tuesday.

As such, HPA’s statistics revealed that a total of 33,637 cases of common cold were reported in March this year, followed by 22,739 during April.

Although the number of reported viral flu cases has dropped, HPA has shed light on the importance of taking preventive measures against fever, Covid-19 as well as influenza.

HPA has also reported that the number of people who tested for influenza symptoms also came down during April in comparison to April.

Out of the 1,058 samples tested so far this year, only 145 returned positive.

220 people tested for influenza during March, out of which 27 tested positive.

Further, 117 tested during April out of which eight tests returned positive.

Some of the precautionary measures that have been urged include regular hand washing, taking more fluids if one catches the cold, only using paracetamol if one has a high temperature, covering one’s nose and mouth when coughing to make sure that others don’t get infected, wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants and using mosquito repellent lotions or sprays to prevent dengue fever.

HPA has also advised the public to take vaccination and precautionary treatment for influenza in the coming days.

While influenza and its complications can be deadly, individuals who are 65 and older, individuals with certain chronic medical conditions like diabetes, asthma or heart diseases, pregnant women, children below five and those who have recently undergone a transplant are more prone to getting complications.

HPA has stressed on the importance of adhering to precautionary measures, to prevent the spread of viral flu and common cold cases.

The public health authority’s statistics go on to reveal that 5,428 cases of diarrhea were reported during March, with 2,714 reported during April.

Some precautionary measures against diarrhea include washing hands with soap before eating or preparing food, as well as after using the washroom or changing diapers.

Further, the public has been urged to properly wash vegetables and fruits before preparing dishes and to cook food thoroughly, to avoid diarrhea.

HPA also urged the people to ensure that the place used to store food at home is clean, and to regularly clean places and equipment used for food preparation.

Individuals are encouraged to use bottled water, chlorinated water, water supply or pre-boiled water to drink and to use in cooking as well.

HPA has also revealed that drinking more liquids, helps when one contracts the virus. Breastfeeding mothers are urged to continue feeding sessions without stopping.

In addition to this, the public has been advised to not go to crowded places if they exhibit symptoms, especially with children.

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