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07 May 2024 | Tue 16:23
Heena Waleed, the Chief Spokesperson at the President's Office
Heena Waleed, the Chief Spokesperson at the President's Office
Presidents Office
Rights of Palestinians
Yet to take a stand on banning Israeli passports: Gov’t
The issue was not clarified
Extensive discussions are underway
Asserted that they will take any stand that has to be taken in favor of Palestine

The government has said that even after six months since coming into power, the incumbent administration has not taken a stand on banning Israeli passports.

A petition has been filed with the incumbent administration, demanding to ban Israelis from entering the country as well as to implement a passport ban in the wake of the brutal attacks by Israel on the innocent civilians of Gaza.

However, the government is yet to give a clear answer in connection with the issue.

Responding to a question posed by a journalist at a presser held at the President’s Office on Monday regarding the government’s stand on the ban on Israeli passports, Chief Spokesperson at the President's Office Heena Waleed stressed that Palestine is a country filled with close brothers and sisters of the island nation and that the Maldives has always taken a stand in favor of the rights of Palestinians and that the incumbent administration has been making strong statements regarding the denial of human rights of the Palestinian people.

The spokesperson added that the statements made by two government ministers on two international platforms, were a strong proof of this. Said statements were delivered by Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Dr. Ali Haidar Ahmed and Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

Minister Haidar in his statement expressed concern over the veto power of a single vote at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and urged for action to eradicate it.

Minister Shaheem attended the 15th Session of the Islamic Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Banjul, the Gambia as a Special Envoy of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu recently, where he called on the Maldivian government to ensure justice for the Palestinian people. Delivering his address, the Shaheem called to implement a sustained ceasefire and to guarantee the provision of adequate and urgent humanitarian aid.

Heena assured that the government will always defend the people of Palestine and do the needful to protect their rights.

The spokesperson added that efforts were underway to seek what can be done by the time the new People’s Majlis tenure begins.

This, she said involves research and consultations with all stakeholders with whom in-depth discussions need to be held, for the government to take any stand that needs to be taken in favor of the Palestinian people.

Heena revealed that any stand the government takes, will be in favor of Palestinians.

Even when repeatedly questioned about the process of banning Israeli passports, Heena revealed that they were holding extensive discussions with relevant stakeholders on whatever needs to be done and what stand needs to be taken to do whatever needs to be done for the rights of the Palestinian people.

The chief spokesperson assured that they would be able to reach a decision on the matter, by the time the new parliament is sworn in.

The People’s Majlis passed a resolution seeking to ban the import of all Israeli goods as well as the entry of Israeli nationals into the country, on 1 April 2024.

The bill seeking to defend the rights of Palestinian citizens, was passed at the parliament sitting held on April 1 and MP for Villingili constituency Saud Hussain proposed the bill back on 11 October 2023, calling to condemn Israel’s illegal occupation and inhumane attacks and genocide of the innocent Palestinian civilians, for an immediate ceasefire, to ensure the human rights of Palestinians are upheld, on Israeli armed forces to evacuate from the lands illegally snatched from the Palestinian people and demanding to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

During the vote taken on the motion, a majority of 41 lawmakers voted in favor of passing the resolution.

After receiving the bill, the parliamentary standing committee on foreign relations engaged in discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The committee then decided to place the resolution on the floor for a final decision on the matter.

The resolution aims to let the world know the Maldives stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

It calls to end Israel’s military aggression against Palestinians, stop endeavors to take control of their lands, to condemn the vile genocide of Palestinian people in the strongest terms, to ensure the human rights of the Palestinian people are upheld, to sever any ties with Israel as well as to ban the import of any goods from Israel to the island nation.

It also pushes for the banning of Israeli tourists from the Maldives.

Maldives has and always will stand in steadfast solidarity with the people of Palestine, in their pursuit for an independent sovereign state of Palestine.

Maldives continues to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire of the crimes of genocide being committed by Israel.

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Lloyd Spencer
Get ready for a ban by the Jewish federation which will lead to a total ban of Jewish Oligarchs from Russia and Europe ..good luck with your slow economy ..but always you can bring Chineses for 80$ a night to your luxury resorts .. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if USA will ban Maldives too as a result of it ..Good luck 😊