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31 Jan 2024 | Wed 15:41
Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem
Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem
Attack on Prosecutor General
241 committee to probe attack on PG Shameem
The Prosecutor General’s office condemned the assault
Shameem's security has been strengthened
The committee has been asked to look into the manner in which investigations are proceeding

The assault on Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem has been filed with the People’s Majlis Committee on National Security Services or the 241 committee

The case was submitted to the 241 committee by MP for West Henveiru constituency Hassan Latheef.

In a letter addressed to parliament, MP Latheef urged to ensure that the attack on PG Shameem is investigated thoroughly, as a serious matter and to forward the case to the People’s Majlis Committee on National Security Services to ensure the probe is competed within an adequate time.

The prosecutor general was attacked on the streets of the congested capital of Malé City on Wednesday morning.

MP Latheef stated that the case lodged at the 241 committee seeks to carry out a thorough and swift investigation into the manner in which the Maldives Police Service (MPS) is investigating the case.

The Prosecutor General’s office has condemned the assault on PG Shameem, in the strongest terms.

PG Shameem was assaulted with a weapon by two individuals riding a motorcycle on the streets of the capital, early Wednesday morning.

MPS received the report of the attack on the Prosecutor General not long after.

Shameem was treated for his injuries at ADK Hospital and has been discharged since. He is currently in stable condition.

The PG Office has revealed that Shameem’s security has been strengthened in the wake of the attack.