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22 Jan 2023 | Sun 07:39
The Criminal Court
The Criminal Court
Criminal Court
Criminal Court concluded 1,096 cases in 2022
The court concluded 50 percent of hearings
During 2022, 786 cases were filed at the Criminal Court
In the past five years, the most number of cases were concluded in 2019

The Criminal Court concluded a total of 1,096 cases in 2022.

Publicizing their work and proceedings over the course of 2022, the court revealed that the number of cases concluded by the court had increased in comparison to the past two years.

As such, the Criminal Court revealed that they concluded 701 cases during 2021 and that 852 during 2020.

However, over the course of the past five years, the court concluded the most number of cases during 2019, at 1,339.

As such, during January that year, 40 cases had been concluded, followed by 110 in February, 115 during March, 49 during April, 67 during May, 165 during June, 28 during July, 132 during August, 155 during September, 81 during October, 89 during November and 65 during December.

The Criminal Court went on to reveal that a total of 786 cases had been filed at the court during 2022, with 12,757 cases placed on the agenda in total.

As for hearings, the court concluded 50 percent of hearings and 41 percent of the cases had been cancelled due to numerous reasons.

In 2022, the court also issued 2,331 court orders in connection with remand periods for convicts.

Moreover, the Criminal Court also issued 1,795 different court orders over the course of the past year.

By the end of December 2022, the Prosecutor General’s Office had disclosed that the office had filed a total of 1,920 charges at the court in the past year, with the duty of prosecution of 2,162 cases completed as well.

The office statistics revealed that by the end of the year, PGO had won 1,234 cases they filed at courts.

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