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29 Aug 2022 | Mon 16:40
Earthquake in Indonesia poses no tsunami threats to Maldives: MMS
Earthquake in Indonesia poses no tsunami threats to Maldives: MMS
Met Office
Maldives experiences earthquake tremors
Earthquake in Indonesia poses no tsunami threats to Maldives: MMS
Tremors from the earthquake were felt in the Maldives at around 08:29am, Monday
The earthquake hit 2,854 kilometers away from Maldives
Roashanee Building, or Health Ministry building was vacated following tremors

The Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS) has revealed that the earthquake in Indonesia poses no tsunami threats to Maldives.

The 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Sumatra Island early Monday. Reuters cited the country’s meteorology and geophysics agency (BMKG) having recorded the shallow quake off the Mentawai islands, off Sumatra's west coast just before 10.30am.

The authority is reported to have assured that the quake did not trigger a tsunami warning.

According to Reuters, three consecutive earthquakes struck the area with cumulative intensity since early Monday, with a 5.2-magnitude tremor recorded before sunrise.

This was followed by a 5.4-magnitude quake less than an hour later. The third earthquake of 6.1 magnitude was felt “strongly” for several seconds by Mentawai islands’ residents.

No injuries or damages to property have been reported in connection with the earthquake, so far.

The Maldives Meteorological Service revealed that the earthquake struck 2,854 kilometers away from Maldives.

The department revealed that earthquake tremors were felt over Maldives at around 08:29am on Monday.

However, there is no threat of a tsunami, in the Maldives.

Due to the tremors, Roashanee Building where the Ministry of Health is located, was vacated.

In 2004, a 9.1-magnitude earthquake struck Sumatra which created a tsunami that took the lives of thousands across the surrounding coasts of the Indian Ocean, including the Maldives.

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