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14 Sep 2021 | Tue 15:57
MP for Maduvvari constituency, Adam Shareef presented the motion
MP for Maduvvari constituency, Adam Shareef presented the motion
Death of an inmate
Majlis accepts emergency motion over death of Hulhumalé prison inmate
Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) revealed that the 40-year-old inmate died on Monday night
Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem has asserted that the motion has the purpose of stirring political chaos
The bill seeks to investigate the allegations made by the family of the deceased

The People’s Majlis has accepted an emergency motion over the sudden death of an inmate in Hulhumalé Prison.

The motion was submitted by MP for Maduvvari constituency, Adam Shareef and seeks to probe the allegations being made by the family of the deceased, as well as alleged negligence of relevant authorities. Deliberations were held over the motion during Tuesday’s sitting.

Native of Vaadhoo island in Gaaf Dhaal atoll, Mohamed Aslam, 40, passed away while serving a three-year prison sentence in Hulhumalé Prison in connection to charges linked to narcotics abuse, on Monday evening.

The emergency motion notes that the correctional service had attempted to conceal the inmate’s death from his family, and that the inmate was taken to the Hulhumalé Hospital at 5pm that day. Noting that this information was not shared with the family, the MP noted that the family was notified of Aslam’s death from another source.

Aslam’s family had immediately gone to the hospital and inquired corrections officers regarding his condition, to which they responded that he is currently receiving treatment. Aslam was already dead when his family entered the room he was admitted in.

The motion goes onto highlight that failing to call for emergency medical treatment after Aslam’s condition deteriorated was negligence, hence, urges authorities to conduct an independent investigation.

During Tuesday’s parliamentary sitting, MP for Hoarafushi constituency, Ahmed Saleem had revealed that the motion was submitted with political motives. As such, he noted that MP Shareef was one that supports cruelty, as he was the defense minister during tyrannical times when security forces used to barge into the People’s Majlis chambers and drenched lawmakers in pepper spray.

MP Shareef responded to this by denying the accusation, noting that he had never ordered officers to do anything in violation of the legal mandate.

Further, MP for Hanimaadhoo constituency Abdul Ghafoor Moosa had also asserted that the emergency motion did not stem from sincerity and backed MP Saleem’s claims that the motion carries political purpose. As such, within the three years of the incumbent administration’s leadership, only one such incident has been reported, which is a significant improvement from the 10 deaths of inmates reported during the previous administration of now incarcerated Former President Abdulla Yameen.

The lawmaker questioned why an emergency motion regarding the numerous deaths of convicts during the previous administration was not submitted to the parliament.

The MP urged to refrain from stirring enmity for the government within the people and asserted that the government will thoroughly probe the matter.

MCS cited that they had immediately informed the Inspector of Corrections Service, Maldives Police Service and Human Rights Commission of the Maldives following Aslam’s transfer to the hospital after he suddenly dropped in the Hulhumalé Prison yard at around 6pm on Monday.

Aslam was declared dead by doctors at 8:23pm on Monday.

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