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Tourist arrivals for February 2021
Maldives welcomes 96,881 tourists in February
The top source market for tourism remains India with 44,039 arrivals thus far in 2021
Maldives has recorded a total of 188,984 tourist arrivals so far this year
February 2021 saw a total of 96,881 tourist arrivals
Zunana Zalif
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01 Mar 2021 | Mon 15:21
Tourist arrivals
Velana Airport

Maldives welcomed over 96,000 tourists during February.

Statistics publicized by the Ministry of Tourism revealed that the country welcomed a total of 96,881 tourists during the past month, which is 4,778 visitors more than the first month of the year.

Throughout the month, the ministry recorded the highest single-day tourist arrivals on the 21st, at 5,268. The second highest single-day arrivals were recorded on February 12, where 4,809 visitors arrived in the island nation, with the lowest rise in daily arrivals having been recorded on the first day of the month, at 2,158.

The country’s daily average for tourist arrivals was at 3,460 during February.

The ministry revealed that a total of 188,984 visitors had arrived in the Maldives as at February 28, since the beginning of 2021. This is 40.7 percent less than the number of tourists recorded for the same period last year. The Ministry also shared that an average of 3,203 tourists were visiting the Maldives every day based on their statistics, with duration of stay recorded at an average of nine days.

Since the beginning of the year, India has remained the top source market for tourism in the Maldives, with 44,039 visitors being recorded from the neighboring country, which contributes 23.3 percent of the arrival rate.

Second comes Russia contributing 21.5 percent to the total arrivals, with 40,698 arrivals recorded from Russia.

Aside from India and Russia, Ukraine also remains among the top three source markets for Maldives tourism, coming third with 12,549, making up 6.6 percent of the count.

Kazakhstan, Germany, Romania, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are also considered some of the biggest tourist markets for the Maldives.

Arrivals from these countries have been recorded at:

  • Kazakhstan contributing 4.3 percent with 8,166 arrivals,
  • Germany contributing 3.9 percent with 7,386 arrivals,
  • Romania contributing 3.8 percent with 7,111 arrivals,
  • France contributing 2.8 percent with 5,381 arrivals,
  • Switzerland contributing 2.7 percent with 5,190 arrivals.
  • Czech Republic contributing 2.7 percent with 5,086 arrivals,
  • United Kingdom contributing 2.4 percent with 4,543 arrivals,

Further, statistics go on to reveal that a total of 657 tourist establishments are currently in operation across the Maldives with 44,859 beds. These include 359 guesthouses with 6,602 beds, 147 resorts across 18 atolls with 34,076 beds as well as 11 hotels with 1,458 beds and 140 liveaboard vessels with 2,723 operational beds.

The ministry revealed that there are 359 guesthouses in operation across 52 islands of 17 atolls.

Guesthouses currently in operation are:

  • Seven guesthouses in operation with 84 beds in Haa Alif atoll,
  • Three guesthouses in operation with 50 beds in Haa Dhaal atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with eight beds in Shaviyani atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with 24 beds in Noonu atoll,
  • 18 guesthouses in operation with 344 beds in Baa atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with 12 beds in Lhaviyani atoll,
  • 149 guesthouses in operation with 3,536 beds in Kaafu atoll,
  • 81 guesthouses in operation with 1,060 beds in Alif Alif atoll,
  • 44 guesthouses in operation with 682 beds in Alif Dhaalu atoll,
  • 28 guesthouses in operation with 368 beds in Vaavu atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with 12 beds in Meemu atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with 14 beds in Faafu atoll,
  • One guesthouse in operation with 12 beds in Thaa atoll,
  • Two guesthouses in operation with 78 beds in Laamu atoll,
  • Two guesthouses in operation with 38 beds in Gaaf Dhaalu atoll,
  • 11 guesthouses in operation with 116 beds in Gnaviyani atoll,
  • Eight guesthouses in operation with 164 beds in Seenu atoll,

The country saw a record-breaking 1.7 million tourist arrivals during 2019 and an optimistic government set a vision to break the record with two million arrivals, which was foiled by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, due to which authorities halted issuing on-arrival visas on March 27, last year.

Nearly four months later, Maldives tourism began reviving, albeit snail-paced at first, from July 15, arrivals began increasing steadily over the past couple of months. Maldives was able to exceed its new target of 545,000, by the end of December 2020 and aims to welcome 1.5 million tourist arrivals this ongoing year.

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