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Covid-19 situation in Kolhufushi island
Possible that community transmission of Covid-19 occurred for some time: Kolhufushi Council
HPA requests all those who travelled from Kolhufushi after 5 January to report to 1676 hotline
First case from the island reported on 24 Jan from person who travelled to Male'
Nine people tested positive for Covid-19 from Kolhufushi
Aishath Hanaan Hussain Rasheed
27 Jan 2021 | Wed 16:01
K. Male'
Kolhufushi Council confirms all nine who tested positive are doing well
Corporate Maldives

Kolhufushi Island Council has revealed that it was possible community transmission of Covid-19 had been occurring on the island for quite some time.

The island of M. Kolhufushi was placed under monitoring when a traveler from the island tested positive for Covid-19 after arriving in Male. Speaking to Raajje TV, President of the Kolhufushi Island Council Hussain Shaamil detailed to that the traveler had made the trip on 19 January, and that he believed the infection had been spreading in Kolhufushi for some time as the person had only tested positive three days after traveling to Male'.

Council President Shaamil further confirmed that nine other positive cases had been identified from the roughly 700 people living on Kolhufushi island in relation to this case.

Tuesday saw HPA release an advisory for all travelers who had departed from M. Kolhufushi to other islands after 5 January, to report their details to the authority through their hotline 1676. Those who had traveled from M. Kolhufushi after the designated period have been requested to quarantine for 14 days, and have been asked to remain isolated until they receive a negative test result for Covid-19.

President of the Kolhufushi Island Council Hussain Shaamil assured that all nine persons who tested positive for Covid-19 were doing well. He added that they had not noticed an increase in fever or flu-like symptoms among other residents of the island, and that those that had been quarantined as direct contacts of the positive cases were had yet to exhibit obvious symptoms of Covid-19.

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