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Covid-19 safety measures
Covid-19: movie theaters given green light to reopen
Cinemas and movie theatres are permitted to reopen from January 25
Movie theaters will only be opened under the safety guidelines and measures implemented against Covid-19
Cinemas and movie theatres were closed on 16 March 2020
Zunana Zalif
24 Jan 2021 | Sun 14:27
K. Male'
Cinemas and movie theatres were closed on 16 March 2020
Mohamed Sharuhaan

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has given the green light for cinemas and movie theaters to reopen.

The public health authority revealed that cinemas and movie theaters will be allowed to resume services to the public, from Monday.

Cinemas and movie theaters were closed down under Article 34(c) of the Public Health Protection Act on 16 March 2020.

In an announcement on Sunday, HPA noted that cinemas and movie theaters may be reopened on 25 January 2021, under the special procedures to be followed in reopening them, in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The aforementioned procedure under which cinemas and movie theaters must be operated in the ongoing situation, has not been publicized by the public health authority, yet.

Authorities responded to spiraling cases in the capital region by implementing a number of stringent measures including a full lockdown across the greater Malé region and a partial lockdown across islands, last year. However, they have been lifting the restrictions in place since they proved to be effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19, however, cases have been spiraling this ongoing month, with daily infections being reported above 50 most of January.

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