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29 Apr 2017 | Sat 22:31
Celine Peroni with Yameen Rasheed. Yameen was stabbed death early morning on April 23.
Celine Peroni with Yameen Rasheed. Yameen was stabbed death early morning on April 23.
Yameen Rasheed's Murder
Girlfriend's last message to Yameen: "Loabi. Seriously worried now. Please let me know you are okay"
Celine told RaajjeMV that she will do everything to find justice for Yameen, but that she has "no clue how to live without him"
He was texting with Celine the whole day, and was his usual loving self
Yameen Rasheed was stabbed to death in a brutal attack, early morning on the 23rd of April

“Love. Seriously worried now. Please let me know you are okay”, this is the last message sent to Yameen Rasheed from his girlfriend, Celine Peroni. She did not get a reply from Yameen. Her message was sent hours after Yameen was brutally stabbed to death early morning on the 23rd of April, which was the devastating message she received instead.

Almost until Yameen’s last moments, he and Celine were constantly communicating via text. Despite the long distance between the two, her messages showed that she had been checking on Yameen at all times.

According to Celine, she had been talking to Yameen most of the day on April 22, and that he had been his usual loving self.

Celine, who lives in Brussels, Belgium, has shared her conversations with Yameen, including what they had spoken about on the night of his assassination, as well as how she heard the news of Yameen’s death with RaajjeMV.

Celine has tied a red balloon at her residence in Brussels, Belgium. Yameen's last tweet was the red balloon emoji

She said that despite always being scared for Yameen’s safety, that she had never expected that he would be killed in such an act.

Noting that Yameen had last texted her while leaving office that night, Celine said that she had waited till Yameen called her after reaching home. She had even expressed concern after learning that Yameen was walking home alone that night.

She emphasized that “every night Yameen walked home was worrying”, and that Yameen had always made sure to inform her after reaching home. She added that she was waiting for his message letting her know he was safe at home, on the night he was stabbed to death.

Those who stabbed Yameen multiple times on that fateful night mercilessly took away the life of an individual loved by many, including Celine, who will forever hold on her memories of Yameen. She has shared the conversation with Yameen from that night with RaajjeMV; here are some of the messages;

Yameen Rasheed: Walking home now

Celine Peroni: (heart emoji)

Celine Peroni: It’s time http://pix.iemoji.com/images/emoji/apple/ios-9/33/1812.png

Yameen Rasheed: Time for..?

Yameen Rasheed: http://pix.iemoji.com/images/emoji/apple/ios-9/33/1812.png

Celine Peroni: To go home

Yameen Rasheed: No

Celine Peroni: Awww

Celine Peroni: I’m almost done

Celine Peroni: Loabi

Yameen Rasheed: (tight-lipped emoji)

Celine Peroni: Hey, I got plenty of sleep today

Celine Peroni: But I’ll be in bed soon

Yameen Rasheed: Are you ironing for the whole month

Celine Peroni: Ahaha

Celine Peroni: In bed

Celine Peroni: Are you home?

Celine Peroni: Honey?

Celine Peroni: Maybe you’re fallen asleep

Celine Peroni: *ve

Celine Peroni: I was hoping to hear your voice before sleep

Celine Peroni: Honey, I hope you reached here.

Celine Peroni: *home

Celine Peroni: Jaan-e-maan. How do I know that you are home safe?

Celine Peroni: Alright loabi. Please let me know you’re ok when you wake up. (heart emojis)

Celine Peroni: Hope everything is ok. I miss you.

Celine Peroni: (heart emoji)

Celine Peroni: Loabi, Seriously worried now. Please let me know you’re ok.

As she was sending messages to Yameen back to back, Celine said her first thought was that Yameen was arrested.

Celine had been trying to convince Yameen to leave Maldives

She told RaajjeMV that while she had to get her head around the fact that Yameen is no more, that she does not know how to continue with her life without Yameen.

“I’m completely lost and confused. This is a nightmare. But I will do everything I can to help, I owe this to him. I just have no clue how to live without him,” she said.

From Celine’s story, RaajjeMV understood that the two were planning for to live abroad somewhere, with Celine trying to convince Yameen to leave Maldives after July.

“He was not safe in Malé”, said Celine.

She said that she now has a hard time going to sleep, and that she has started seeking a psychological help in coping with his killing.

“I am scared of sleeping. Because the morning is the worst”, she said.

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