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Tourist arrivals
Over 40,000 tourists visit Maldives in the first two weeks of 2021
The top-source market for tourists for the Maldives is currently Russia
As of now, an average of 2,888 tourists visit the Maldives per day
77,654 tourist arrivals were recorded in for the same period last year
Zunana Zalif
K. Male' |
16 Jan 2021 | Sat 16:36
Tourists at Velana International Airport
Velana Airport

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that 40,000 tourists visited Maldives in the first two weeks 2021.

Statistics publicized by the Tourism Ministry reveal that 40,426 tourists had entered the Maldives in the first two weeks of 2021, which is 47.9 percent less than the number of tourists recorded for the same period last year. The Ministry also shared that an average of 2.888 tourists were visiting the Maldives every day based on their statistics, and that 4,195 tourists had entered the country on 3 January, the highest number of tourists to travel to the Maldives this year.

Additionally, Tourism Ministry statistics also identifies Russia as the top-source market for tourist arrivals to the country. Over 10,000 Russian tourists visited the Maldives this year, making up a 24.7 percent of total arrivals.

Aside from Russia, neighboring India is the next biggest market for tourism in the Maldives, with 5,727 Indian tourists having traveled to Maldives year.

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, the UK, France and Germany are also considered some of the biggest tourist markets for the Maldives, along with America and Switzerland.

While 583 facilities have been made operational to provide services to tourists, this totals to a bed capacity of 42,300 beds. 36,636 of these beds belong to 141 resorts, and 1,458 are operated in hotels. 133 liveaboard vessels operating in the country make up 2,576 beds, and guesthouses have a total; bed capacity of 5,630.

26 international airlines currently operate flights to the country, and the number of private jets traveling to the Maldives has also begun to increase.

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