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Attempts to plant listening device in speaker, deputy's offices

  • A police officer tried to get the security staff to plant the devices
  • The staff reported this
  • Speaker has decided not to file a case at police

K. Male' 2020 Nov 23 | Mon 12:31 local 3,196

Speaker and former President, Mohamed - Majlis

There has been an attempt to plant a listening device in the speaker and deputy speaker’s offices at the parliamentary building.

Speaker and former President, Mohamed Nasheed announced this during Monday’s parliament sitting, adding that this was brought to his attention by the Sergeant at Arms.

Noting that a police officer had reached out to the security staff at the People’s Majlis, seeking to plant bugging devices in the offices, Nasheed said that a security staff member had reported this to the Sergeant at Arms and the Secretary General.

He further said that the police officer’s plan included wiretapping a committee room as well, but said that the reason for any of this “remains unclear”.

However, the speaker stated that he has no intention of filing a police case and instead forwarded the matter to the parliament’s committee on national security and foreign relations.

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