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Pompeo says democracies need to ‘work together’

  • Secretary Pompeo made a state visit to Maldives on Wednesday
  • He met with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
  • “The people of Maldives have taken a great turn. And we are excited about that“

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United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo arrives in Maldives - Presidents Office

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has expressed the importance of democracies in the region working together, adding that this “was under appreciated for so long”.

Secretary Pompeo made the statement during an exclusive interview to RaajjeTV during his nearly five-hour official visit to the Maldives on Wednesday, which was part of his ongoing tour of Asia.

He expressed confidence that democracies in the region working together will make things better for future generations.

“So, whether its Maldives working closely with India, or working closely with Japan and South Korea and the United States, Australia, Indonesia, with all the democracies of the region working together, I’m very confident we will leave our citizens in the next generation better off than they are today”

~ Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State

While the US Secretary of State is currently on a tour of Asia, there are reports that it is over the growing Chinese influence in the region. During his stop in India, he described Communist Party of China (CCP) as “no friend to democracy and rule of law”.

“Excited” about changes in Maldives

While United States had been very critical of the previous administration of Abdulla Yameen, over issues such as undermining democracy and deprivation of rights, Secretary Pompeo said that the US would not be making decision such as opening a embassy in the Maldives if it did not believe that the situation in Maldives had not improved.

“The people of Maldives have taken a great turn. And we are excited about that. It’s allowed us to build on the relationship, we wouldn’t if we didn’t believe that with all our heart”

~ Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State

The US official also praised the incumbent government, and said that US is “excited” about the changes in the Maldives since it came into power on November 2018.

Noting that there have been improvement in the lives of the people as well as advances made for fundamental rights such as women’ rights, Pompeo said that the Solih government “is working hard to implement those things that I think the people here care about and the United States cares about too.”

He further said that he had spoken to Foreign Minister Shahid on holding discussions since the new government came into office, on things “we could work on together”.

Covid-19 still a major topic

Covid-19 is still a major topic in any official meetings given the virus continues to spread rapidly, Pompeo said that it was discussed during his meetings with both the president and foreign minister.

He said that the United States will “certainly” do its part to ensure that Maldives is able to get through “this very difficult time”.

Stressing that Maldives economy depends “heavily on tourism”, Secretary Pompeo said that US wants “to do all the things that help get [Maldives] better”. He added that debt relief and payment delays will ‘certainly help’.

“All of the things that innovation, creativity and democracies can deliver to the world, the United States is doing and it’ll benefit not only the people of Maldives but people through out the region as well”

~ Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State

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