Covid-19 seroprevalence study

HPA begins antibody testing under Covid-19 seroprevalence study

  • The testing will be carried out for those who have been randomly selected
  • Testing will be conducted at MNU Central and Faculty of Health Sciences from 4pm to 7pm
  • The tests will be conducted on all age groups

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Healthcare workers collecting samples for Covid-19 testing - RaajjeMV

Authorities have begun antibody testing under the Covid-19 seroprevalence study initiated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

The antibody testing is being conducted in collaboration with the Maldives National University and they will be testing those who have been randomly selected, starting Thursday.

The testing will be carried out at the MNU Central and Faculty of Health Sciences through November 12, from 4pm to 7pm.

Earlier, the public health authority revealed that the World Health Organization (WHO)’s methodology will be followed during the program and the survey to identify seroprevalence individuals will be divided into four age groups.

This includes under 17-years of age, those aged between 18 – 34, the 35 – 59 age group and those over 60-years of age.

Authorities will begin with the under-17 age group.

Speaking to press earlier, Consultant at the Health Protection Agency (HPA), Dr. Sheena Moosa revealed that discussions to carry out antibody testing were held to identify those in the community immune to the virus.

Antibody testing was also conducted by ADK Hospital earlier. They discovered antibodies from 125 frontline workers out of the 3,004 tests conducted.

This comes at a time the Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) has also revealed that authorities will only be able to identify the rate of the virus transmission across the nation through antibody testing.

The Covid-19 seroprevalence study will indicate an exact number of cases and testing will be carried out in two phases including PCR testing and antibody testing.

Authorities earlier faced challenges in carrying out the program due to a surge in Covid-19 cases since the government entered the third phase of lockdown easing in July. This led to healthcare workers halting the antibody testing program and focusing more on active surveillance.

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