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Covid-19: family of seven tests positive in Maamendhoo

  • Five members tested positive on Friday
  • Two children, a month-old and a four-year-old tested positive early Saturday
  • All of them are currently doing well

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Five members tested positive on Friday - RaajjeMV

A seven-member family in Maamendhoo island of Gaaf Alif atoll has tested positive for the global Covid-19 pandemic.

On Friday, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) had reported five Covid-19 cases from members of the same family who traveled from capital Malé City on September 13. They tested positive for the virus while in home quarantine.

Two children, a four-year-old and a month-old infant were confirmed positive later on after tests were conducted following their transfer to the Covid-19 facility in Villingili island of Gaaf Alif atoll.

Speaking to RaajjjeMV, Villingili Hospital’s Manager Shareef Ahmed revealed that the children were brought to the facility along with their coronavirus-stricken parents who were categorized high-risk patients.

All of them are currently doing well, said Shareef.

On Friday night, Maamendhoo Council’s President Mohamed Zaeem revealed that they received information that the children were facing some difficulties, before they were tested positive.

Currently, eight patients are being treated at the Villingili Covid-19 facility, allocated for the Gaaf Alif and Gaaf Dhaal region. All eight patients are reportedly doing well.

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