Covid-19 situation in Maldives

Will only return to normal once vaccine is acquired: Dr. Sheena

  • "It is too early to ease measures, will need to observe for two more weeks"
  • Covid-19 cases reported in the past week saw a decline
  • Can only go back to normal once a vaccine is acquired

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Dr. Sheena Moosa at HEOC's press briefing - Presidents Office

The country will only be able to return to normal once a vaccine is acquired, says consultant at the Health Protection Agency (HPA), Dr. Sheena Moosa.

Speaking to press on Thursday night at the Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC), the doctor stated that it is too soon to ease measures that are currently in place and that it is of utmost importance to manage a “green zone” to see an effective decline in virus cases.

Should authorities be successful in managing the incubation period of 14 days in the green zone, spread of the Covid-19 pandemic will be curbed effectively.

After about a month of reporting over 100 daily cases, Maldives observed a plunge in cases within the past few weeks. Lower than 100 cases are being reported averagely within the past few days.

The public health authority earlier revealed that measures currently in place will only be eased once Maldives reports the pandemic’s ‘R number’, below one.

Adding that life can only return to normal once a vaccine is put into effect, Dr. Sheena noted the prediction that a vaccine will only be acquired by November.

Latest reports indicate that researchers are testing nine vaccines in clinical trials on humans currently and although the World Health Organization (WHO) is yet to approve the implementation of any of the vaccines, some of the countries have begun using the vaccinations that underwent experimentation.

Earlier, authorities assured that Maldives will have fast access to the Covid-19 vaccines, as Maldives is on a list of countries compiled by WHO to receive the vaccine once developed.

The government is working to ensure fast access to the vaccine and is in dialogue with WHO.

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