Cocid-19 situation: Kudafaree

Covid-19: Kudafaree island placed under monitoring, contact tracing underway

  • An elderly citizen in Kudafaree island had tested positive for Covid-19
  • The 92-year-old was first taken to Manadhoo island in the same atoll, following health issues
  • 30 contacts identified

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Kudafaree island in Noonu atoll has also been placed under monitoring.

The island’s council was informed of this on Sunday morning, via a signed notice by the Director General of Public Health Maimoona Aboobakuru. The notice stressed that travel from the island is prohibited, unless authorized by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Authorities on Saturday night, announced that an elderly citizen in Kudafariee island had tested positive for Covid-19.

Kudafaree island council’s Vice President, Jazlaan Adam told RaajjeMV that the 92-year-old was first taken to Manadhoo island in the same atoll, following health issues. The man was transferred there via a sea ambulance, on Friday night.

Noting that contact tracing is underway on the island, Jazlaan said that 30 people have already been identified as contacts of the confirmed Covid-19 patient. Noting that they have since been quarantine, he said that four of them have been provided accommodation in a guesthouse.

Jazlaan added that the reason for the high number of contacts was due to a number of people assisting the man after falling down inside his bathroom.

Speaking on the matter, the Noonu atoll Hospital in Manadhoo island said that the man had a fracture on his leg and that he was transferred to the capital. 16 contacts have been identified there, including 10 nurses.

10 Covid-19 cases were confirmed from Manadhoo island earlier. While all of them recovered, an elderly woman passed away later due to other health complications.

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