Swell surges

MET issues yellow alert for high swells over most parts

  • The alert is effective from 3pm to 7:30pm
  • The alert was issued from Kaafu atoll to Addu City
  • A number of island are being affected by the swells forming in the southern sea of neighboring India

K. Male' 2020 Jul 11 | Sat 15:52 local 2,318

Some islands have been experiencing severe swell surges - Twitter

The Maldives Meteorological Service (MET Office) has issued a yellow alert over a large portion of the island nation, after predicting high swell surges.

The alert was issued from Kaafu atoll to southernmost Addu City, and is among a number of alerts being issued since Friday morning. The yellow alert is effective through 3pm to 7:30pm.

Earlier, the department warned of a high possibility in southern and central atolls of the Maldives experiencing swell surges.

Predicting swell wave surges during high tide times, the department urged all individuals to be cautious of tidal waves. Swell waves are expected to rise up to 6 feet, revealed the department.

The general forecast until 8pm, Saturday, predicts scattered showers and a few thunderstorms over the north as well as central atolls. Generally fine weather is expected in the south, apart from a few showers.

Further, winds will vary between south to southwesterly at 5 – 15 miles per hour and gust up to 35 miles per hour during showers.

MET predicts seas to be slight becoming moderate during showers throughout the country.

On Friday, severe swell surges caused intense flooding in the southernmost Addu City. Deep flooding has caused damage to residences and property, revealed the city council.

The department warned that some islands in the island nation may experience intense tidal waves and swell surges, triggered by severe weather conditions in the south ocean of neighboring India, for the next two days.

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