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Police launch search after expats flee quarantine

  • All eight are Bangladeshi nationals
  • Their personal information has been publicized
  • Individuals have been sought to call 9631696 with information

K. Male' 2020 Jul 10 | Fri 18:11 local 4,098

Police made the announcement on Friday - Maldives Police Service

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has launched a search for eight undocumented Bangladeshi nationals residing illegally in the Maldives, after they fled from quarantine.

Police on Friday revealed that the Ministry of Economic Development had filed the report after eight of the undocumented expatriates fled from their respective quarantine facilities.

Work was underway to send the expatriates back home, when they fled the quarantine facilities.

Police are locating:

  • Mohamed Siraj (passport number BJ0132260),
  • Alaameen (passport number BK0321483),
  • MD Saiful (passport number BA0787835),
  • Mohamed Fazulul Haq (passport number BE0592060),
  • Mohamed Muneer Hussain (passport number BF0429254),
  • Mohamed Gaffar Bepary (passport number AE1683822),
  • Mohamed Parwez (passport number BB0126779),
  • Bilal Khan (passport number B0279141),

Individuals have been sought to contact the police General Investigation Department through 9631696 if any information regarding the eight Bangladeshi nationals, are acquired.

Police went on to express gratitude for the public support extended in such cases.

Authorities have been launching such searches for expatriate workers after they went into hiding or fled from quarantine facilities, on a number of occasions previously as well.

This comes at a time a number of Bangladeshi nationals have been testing positive for the Covid-19 of recent. The majority of the Covid-19 cases discovered in the Maldives are of Bangladeshi nationals who are forced to reside in confined living spaces in poor conditions.

Authorities have since begun work to transfer them to better facilities, and are also working with the Bangladeshi government to repatriate a number of them, stranded in the Maldives.

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