Unrest in Bodufinolhu

Police control unrest in Bodufinolhu, rescue hostages

  • All of the Maldivian hostages are in stable condition
  • The unrest began after migrant workers had been protesting regarding salaries that had not been settled for months
  • Some police officers attained injuries following confrontations

K. Male' 2020 Jul 03 | Fri 12:24 local 4,364

A team of SO officers arrived in the island to control the unrest - RaajjeMV

Officers of the Maldives Police Service have controlled the unrest in Bodufinolhu island of Baa atoll and rescued a number of Maldivians held hostage by a group of expatriate workers.

Police revealed that 12 Maldivians were being held hostage and that they are all unharmed and in stable condition.

The unrest began on Thursday when a large group of migrant workers secured the island, being developed as a resort, and took 12 Maldivians into captivity, through the protests. The protests rooted from the failure to pay the workers their due salaries for months.

Late Thursday, a team of police officers attempted to enter the island. They were attacked by the group of expatriates and two officers were injured in the confrontation.

Another team of officers departed from the capital Malé City early Friday and stationed themselves in Thulhaadhoo island of the same atoll, close to 3am.

A little after daybreak, officers entered the island and actively searched the island, where they observed that no violence was carried out and the those held captive were unharmed. However, some vehicles and buildings were damaged.

Following the operation, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed Tweeted that the operation, led by the Specialist Operations Department has successfully “located and taken control” of all 12 Maldivians allegedly held captive by “disgruntled” expatriate workers.

The commissioner assured that investigations and further action are underway.

A little past 7am, officers confirmed that they were able to persuade the group of migrant workers to let the hostages go and end the unrest, through dialogue.

The migrant workers protesting due to a drawn-out delay in settling salaries, consecutively set free the hostages and police officers are still active on the island, including those from the Human Trafficking department and the Serious and Organized Crime Department.

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