Covid-19 situation: Himmafushi

Covid-19: monitoring status lifted from Himmafushi island

  • The Kaafu atoll island was placed under monitoring on May 15
  • This was after three clients at the rehab facility tested positive for Covid-19
  • Over 140 samples taken from the island tested negative

K. Male' 2020 May 23 | Sat 03:55 local 3,671

Himmafushi island, Kaafu atoll - civitatis

Monitoring measures have been lifted from Himmafushi island in Kaafu atoll.

This was revealed on Friday night, at the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC)’s Covid-19 press briefing.

The island was placed under monitoring on May 15, following the confirmation of Covid-19 cases from the Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (DTRC).

While over 140 samples were taken from the island from testing, authorities on Tuesday revealed that they were all negative for Covid-19.

Three clients at DTRC tested positive last Friday.

One of those that tested positive from the rehab was one of the four clients that checked in on April 14 and NEOC said that an individual from a house that they had visited prior to checking in at the rehab facility had also tested positive.

However, it is not clear if this is how the virus reached the facility.

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