Covid-19 measures in Funadhoo

Sh. Funadhoo council lifts some measures put in place following prediction of Covid-19 surge

  • Residents are banned from going out from 11pm to 6am
  • Social distancing and usage of face masks when going out for essentials, has been urged
  • The strict measures were implemented last week

K. Male' 2020 May 19 | Tue 10:17 local 1,903

The council has also banned departure from the island and arrivals from high-risk islands - Twitter

The council of Funadhoo island, Shaviyani atoll has decided to lift stringent restrictive measures implemented in the island due to the prediction of a Covid-19 surge, last week.

Some of the measures implemented following caution by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) of a surge, have been lifted as the island has not seen any positive cases within the past few days and because the island has banned arrivals from high-risk islands.

The measures that remain in place are the restriction on going out between 11pm to 6am unless for essential needs and supplies. Residents will only be allowed to go out for essential supplies if they have the required permit to do so. The permit may be acquired through the police stationed on the island by contacting 9792237.

Other measures include banning departure from the island and travel to other islands unless with a special permit from the island council.

Further, the island community has been urged to use face masks, avoid gatherings and going out in groups. While shopping, residents have been urged to follow the social distancing policy and shops are to only allow two customers in at once.

These measures will remain in effect until further notice.

Funadhoo council implemented these measures last Wednesday.

This comes at a time authorities have banned travel between inhabited islands following the surge in Covid-19 cases since the first community transmission was confirmed on April 15, and owing to the State of Public Health Emergency declared across the island nation, to remain in effect until May 30.

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