Velidhu Quarantine Facility

Police denies receiving any cases linked to Velidhu Quarantine Facility

  • This comes at a time the issue of a female doctor and male MNDF officer meeting in secret, has surfaced
  • Police denied having received such a case
  • Police denied investigating any cases related to criminal offenses or sexual harassment

K. Male' 2020 May 12 | Tue 14:30 local 2,243

Velidhu Island Resort was allocated as a quarantine facility by the government - trip advisor

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has revealed that they are not investigating any cases related to the Velidhu Quarantine Facility.

This comes at a time there have been reports of a female Maldivian doctor working at the facility and a senior officer of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) meeting secretly late into the night.

In light of this, police have denied receiving any complaints regarding criminal offenses or sexual harassment, from the facility or investigating such a case.

Some media outlets have reported that security personnel in the island spotted the doctor walking out of the officer’s room late Sunday night.

According to regulations, officials working at quarantine facilities are banned from going into each other’s rooms.

Quarantine facilities are maintained by MNDF officers.

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